Natural Health Farm, Malaysia


Objective : To test if application of Zencoat* on the solar panel would increase the yield for electricity generation.

Procedure: Test were conduct at NHF Factory, Malaysia
2 strings were selected and washed for the test and label it as INV 5 & INV 8. Label : String INV 5 (Standard) : String INV 8 (Coated Zencoat) PV panel INV 8 (Coated on 16/10/18)

Result : Table 1 illustrated, the daily power generation(watts)
Chart 1 & 2 shows the daily, average & percentage of power generation by the solar panel for the 6 months period

Conclusion : Application of Zencoat seems to be able to generate average Increment ≈ 0.93 % energy electricity for 6 months of observation.

*Zencoat is the name of QX NC4 in Malaysia.

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