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Successful medical Cannabis cultivation requires a number of important elements to come together and create the optimal environment for Cannabis plants to grow. Cultivation in the world of medical Cannabis is reliant on the local environment and the conditions it provides. Most important is to have a hydroponic climate for quality growing conditions and using professional techniques to optimize the selection, genetic improvements and cultivation of the Cannabis plants.

To regulate the quality level of our medical Cannabis plants supply, Le-oS only works with official Cannabis producers who complies with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP). Our own HQ Laboratory, based in The Netherlands, is built under European Good Manufacturing Standards and cooperates with the University of Leiden and Fytagoras, part of the TNO optical sensor technology group.

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Le-oS has the expertise to extract chemical compounds from Cannabis both in purified form (e.g. CBD, CBN, CBG, THC, THCA etc) as well in medicinal active extracts. We are using techniques to optimize the extraction, isolation and purification of active ingredients in order to obtain extracts and essential oils of high quality. Our research team is fully focused to develop new chemotypes of medical Cannabis and other health related compounds, that will constitute the raw materials to hand use in the near future to develop pharmaceutical and medical products.

Our GMP certified extracted products are available in multiple forms, including raw material formats such as: crude oils, distillates and isolates, as well as, finished products through our white label manufacturing capabilities.