QX NC4 is available in the following packages:

  • 5 liters can
  • 10 liters can
  • 50 liters can
  • 200 liters barrel
  • 1000 liters IBC container
  • 20,000 and 40,000 liters Sea containers

Prices are available on request, including & excluding coating service.



Surface Treatment

Nano coating is a process during which nano structures are applied to surfaces for the purpose of sealing them on a nano scopic scale. During this process, the material is changed on a molecular level. The coating creates a self-organized, hydrophobic layer of nanoscale thickness. The nanoparticles become firmly anchored in the surface, thus ensuring that dirt particles, water droplets, grease, oil, acids and other liquids simply roll off the surface (lotus effect). This also results in easier cleaning.

Nanoscale coatings can be applied to almost all materials. They are resistant to temperatures of up to about 350°C and can be used as impregnation for fine-pored materials and high-precision applications. Is your workpiece exposed to heavy loads? If so, the Qi NanoTech coating is the right choice for your surface treatment.

Our Qi NanoTech team is available to assist all customers to apply our coating on your surface. Please reach out to us with using the contact form below.

We are always ready to solve the key problems encountered by your business. Please contact our Qi NanoTech consultants, we are committed to support you at any time.