QX NC4 - Instruction Manual

Installation of self-sanitizing natural mineral QX NC4 coating on walls and ceilings inside food processing plants, clean rooms, hospitals, sports facilities, homes, school or public places helps to reduce to a minimum any potential risk of air and surface biocontamination.


The surface to be treated must be cleaned and clean. Cleaning preferably with an Enzymatic cleaner. In contrast to the other cleaning agents, these do not leave a film behind.

Coating to be applied by means of an HPLV spray device, eg from Wagner.

  • Dosage: glass approx 120m2 per liter.
  • Aluminum, plastic and stainless steel 100m2 per liter
  • Concrete, stone and wood 60m2 per liter

On glass and aluminum, the coating should be invisible after about 20 seconds after application. If too much coating is applied, it must be removed immediately, if this is not done, stains will appear on the appearance.

Advice: Practice setting the spray equipment with plain water first. The spray should have disappeared after about 20 seconds. If drops are visible during spraying, too much product is used.

No further treatment is required.

If you require a full treatment-service, our Qi NanoTech coating team is ready to take care of your property. Just let us know, Qi NanoTech is able to coat your indoor-outdoor facilities at any time. Full Treatment-Service Request, [email protected]