VFL Wolfsburg - Training Complex & Stadium

Qi NanoTech improved the hygienic level at the training complex & stadium of VFL Wolfsburg by using our anti-microbial hygienic coating. Total bacteria counts reading declined by approximately 91% and the pass rate increase 714% (P<0.05)2.

  1. The pass rate before coating was very low. Using Pearson chi-square test analysis, it was found that there was almost no difference between the two groups (P = 1.000). After the standard disinfection cleaning and coating, the pass rate of the two groups increased significantly, with no significant results The difference (P = 0.515), but after 8 weeks, the coating group pass rate was significantly higher than the control group showing a significant difference (P = 0.005).
  2. Both bacterial counts reading and pass rate improving achieved statistic significant result according to statistic criterion.

Case Study Report